Good stuff “Vacation experience to share”

Sometime when thinking on vacation or talking about it, we usually say I will do my vacation on the lake or somewhere here in my country without to pay that much money.

That’s is a point, but being realistic can you get to experience that in your hometown vacation?

Of course not, but the second opinion should be: I really don’t need that, yes you that should be your other point that the answer to that is you the only one that know.

Beach snorkeling

But do you like the beach? Sunny weather under an umbrella with a glass of “Coco loco all inclusive or renting an apartment, long period or 1-2 weeks” My recommendation is “Don’t try to go on vacation to caribbean, if you try it like Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Cuba… you will get addicted to once or twice vacation a year to Caribbean” after visit it and experiment couple of days on the sun, you may say: Dame…! where have I been my whole life?
The true is NEVER is too late.


The legend of Conan coming out?


It’s been around 3 decades since Arnold Schwarzenegger headlined director John Milius’ Conan the Barbarian, launching a cinematic take on the Hyborian Age that continued in 1984’s Conan the Destroyer and 1985’s Red Sonja. Now, with cameras nearly ready to roll on The Legend of Conan and Schwarzenegger set to reprise the iconic role, it’s sounding like a cinematic universe based on Howard’s characters isn’t far off. Deadline today reports that Legend of Conan producer Frederik Malmberg, who also produced the 2011 reboot starring Jason Momoa, has acquired the rights to Howard’s entire catalogue of characters, paying $7.5 million to take control of Paradox Entertainment.

“These days,” Malmberg tells the outlet, “it comes down to brands and characters and we are looking at long term possibilities. We look at how Marvel played out with its rich based of characters, and this too is a universe that lends itself to exploitation in TV and film. There aren’t many libraries like this.”

Among the hundreds of characters included in the deal are Kull the Conqueror and Solomon Kane, both of whom have been the focus of theatrical films in the past. It gets a bit more complicated when it comes to the Red Sonja rights, however. Although the character was loosely based on a Howard creation, Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith are credited with creating the Sonja we know today, having debuted the warrior in a 1973 issue of Marvel Comics’ “Conan the Barbarian” series. Following a legal dispute that broke out nearly a decade ago, the rights to Sonja were awarded to an LLC separate from Paradox. Since then, however, Paradox and the Red Sonja LLC have been working in cooperation to keep current Sonja stories set in the Hyborian Age. It’s quite likely that a similar deal could be worked out for the big screen, although no plans have been confirmed at this time.

Legend of Conan, meanwhile, is moving forward at Universal Pictures with a screenplay by Chris Morgan and Andrea Berloff. Morgan recently confirmed to The Arnold Fans that “at least three” other characters from the original films are included in the screenplay for the new adventure.

“We’re very lucky that the architects of this new film — the writer, the producers, the studio and most of all, Arnold — who is Conan — are all first-generation fans who either worked on the film or who came along for the ride, cheering from their theater seats opening night,” he says. “We plan nothing more than to immerse ourselves in the world Milius envisioned from Robert E. Howard’s unforgettable stories and Frank Frazetta’s stunning artwork… We are honoring the locales, the religions and the traditions of the ’82 film.”

“It’s 30 years after the original film,” says Malmberg, likening the overall tone of the sequel to Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven, “and [Conan]’s facing his mortality and how a legend deals with the fact he’s older, and how does he want to go out.”

Any ways, I thing those characters are the popular now a day like: 300, 47 Runing, Bavarian movies, war and which, magic, so everyone should wait for the next “Legend of Conan” #thingstoknow15.


Top action movie 2015

In Earth’s Mightiest must reunite and work with newcomers Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to battle new antagonist Ultron, who receives an all-new origin story, while dealing with a new level of inner conflict amongst the team. Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch may not necessarily agree with The Avengers and Tony Stark may be responsible for the creation of the new villain.

Marvel Cinema: Ranking All The Endings From Worst To Best

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Ranking All The Endings From Worst To Best

The MCU is becoming known for overblown third acts, but which film has the best ending?

Marvel StudiosMarvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic universe that started off with Iron Man has been raking in all the money and a whole lot of plaudits since Tony Stark came to the screen in 2008. Since then it’s fair to say that the MCU has found its groove commercially, hitting upon a formula for casting and staffing the creative team that lets them play with genres and install the right actors in the roles whether they’re relatively unknown or well-established.

The results so far have surely exceeded Marvel and studio head Kevin Feige’s wildest expectations; each film is met with feverish anticipation, the first Avengers outing became the third highest grossing film ever and the studio managed to make household names out of what were considered to be comic book giant’s superhero B-team, characters without mass appeal who only the nerds really knew. How things can change in seven years.

Unfortunately it’s not all wall to wall praise for Marvel’s output, with many feeling that the studio is falling into bad habits. For a start the shared plot arc is becoming so labyrinthine that you’d be forgiven for expecting a minotaur to turn up at any point, but more pressingly is the third act problem. It’s become apparent that the finale of every Marvel film so far features a grandiose fight to stop the latest MacGuffin from being used successfully in as popcorn-friendly a way as possible.

It’s a carefully balanced formula that sits with the earlier character development to give maximum thrills. But, needless to say, some of these third act throw downs are great, some are, well, not so great, and some have a super-powered ability to be distinctly average…

Marvel StudiosMarvel Studios

The ending of The Incredible Hulk has two main problems; the first is that the final fight between the Hulk and the Abomination is considerably less entertaining than any other finale on this list due to being pure, brainless, CGI spectacle. There’s not much satisfaction in seeing two raging, grunting giants smash into each other so there’s not really much else to say.

What also sees The Incredible Hulk dumped at the bottom of this list though, is that there’s a ton of set up which would later go absolutely nowhere, like when Dr Sterns is exposed to Banner’s blood and starts to suffer from a rapidly expanding cranium. The film leaves him him writhing on the floor with a forehead that’s fast approaching Christina Ricci proportions, hinting at his transformation into The Leader.

Before we could all start chanting ‘Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-LEADER!’ though, he was gone, never to be seen or heard from again. Whats worse is that characters like Betty and Thunderbolt Ross have been so thoroughly sidelined. However, with Ross due to appear in Civil War it could be that Marvel is finally clawing through the wreckage of Banner’s last solo outing to see what it can salvage.


Cheap Game for apple TV news

When the fourth generation Apple TV was unveiled in September, it caused a stir in the tech world. The first Apple TV to support games, it set tongues wagging about the possibility that Apple may have finally cracked gaming with a simple, cheap way to get apps on the big screen. It’s been nearly a month since launch, and the signs are starting to show that Apple could be onto something here.

One major gripe shared by developers and players alike is the requirement for games to support the Siri remote. With far less buttons than the also-supported gamepad, players feared a hampered experience. But these six games show that in-depth, engaging games can work with the remote, and make for some really great gameplay

Alto’s Adventure launched back in February and was an instant success. The Apple TV version of the downhill snowboarding maintains the same tried-and-true formula, which looks gorgeous on the big screen.

It may seem like Wii Sports but for the Apple TV, but that wouldn’t be doing Beat Sports justice. Instead, the game is something of a mix between a motion-based sports game and a rhythm game. Single player and multiplayer modes make this a good all-round party game.

Set in a 1930s European city, Calvino Noir places you at the heart of a revolution plot, switching characters and sneaking past guards to complete missions. The stealth action places you at the tense heart of the story, with twists and turns along the way.


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One of Marvel’s Best Writers Says Goodbye With a Hilarious Doctor Do

One of Marvel’s Best Writers Says Goodbye With a Hilarious Doctor Doom Story

One of Marvel’s Best Writers Says Goodbye With a Hilarious Doctor Doom Story

The guy standing next to Doctor Doom is Jonathan Hickman, the comics writer behind Marvel’s big-but-hella-late Secret Wars event. Doom is not pleased with him.

Marvel’s line-wide relaunch—with a crop of new first issues and heavy status quo changes for leading characters—is well underway. As far as most readers can tell, the plan was for Secret Wars to have wrapped up by now. But there are still two more issues left before we see the conclusion of the storyline that ends with a new iteration of the Marvel universe. So, Marvel’s done the only sensible thing and released Secret Wars Too! It’s supposed to be funny and mostly it is.

One of Marvel’s Best Writers Says Goodbye With a Hilarious Doctor Doom Story

The lead story in this week’s goofy comedy anthology is “Sraw Terces,” which opens at an editorial summit where various writers are assembled to plot out the future of the Marvel Universe. Hickman’s vision for the series gets discussed in broad strokes but there’s only one problem.

One of Marvel’s Best Writers Says Goodbye With a Hilarious Doctor Doom Story

The rest of the story has Hickman in conversation with the central character of Secret Wars, during which Doom doesn’t eat hot dogs because they don’t fit in his mouth hole. The most morbidly hilarious part of their exchange is this sequence filled with painfully raw neurosis.

One of Marvel’s Best Writers Says Goodbye With a Hilarious Doctor Doom Story

One of Marvel’s Best Writers Says Goodbye With a Hilarious Doctor Doom Story

One of Marvel’s Best Writers Says Goodbye With a Hilarious Doctor Doom Story

Holy crap, right?

One of Marvel’s Best Writers Says Goodbye With a Hilarious Doctor Doom Story

The rest of Secret Wars Too is filled with short gag strips that harken back to old-school Marvel humor titles like Not Brand Ecch!, What The?! and the wacky fill-ins from their Assistant Editor’s Month stunts. There’s a story about how Jean Grey will hook up with anybody but Scott Summers, which features a duel between Wolverine and three versions of Cyclops…

One of Marvel’s Best Writers Says Goodbye With a Hilarious Doctor Doom Story

One of Marvel’s Best Writers Says Goodbye With a Hilarious Doctor Doom Story

a Behind-the-Music style mockumentary about Victor Von Doom…

One of Marvel’s Best Writers Says Goodbye With a Hilarious Doctor Doom Story

One of Marvel’s Best Writers Says Goodbye With a Hilarious Doctor Doom Story

and four more short tales featuring snarky versions of Galactus, Jessica Jones and Slider-Man, the hero with the proportional deliciousness of a pulled pork sandwich.

Secret Wars Too!’s lead story gets played mostly for laughs but it also serves as Hickman’s bittersweet goodbye from the publisher where he’s turned out incredible work for seven long years. This one-shot makes for a cheekily self-aware send-off and will probably make readers want more stories where Marvel makes with the funny.

Hopefullywe dont get any problem with quality on following movies and comicstorys.

Disney will release a new Star Wars movie every year for as long as it can


There are six more Star Wars movies coming out over the next six years, but Disney has no plans to stop there.

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Tomorrowland at Disneyland revamps with Season of the Force ahead of new ‘Star Wars’ movie release.


When Walt Disney welcomed visitors into Disneyland’s Tomorrowland for the first time, he did so with a dedication. The land, he said, was to be a “vista into a world of wondrous ideas, signifying man’s achievements.” Park guests, he promised, would “step into the future, with predictions of constructive things to come.”

While Disneyland has pivoted somewhat from that decree, come next week Tomorrowland will once again offer a bold new look into the very near future. In this vision, it’s not modes of transportation or the wonders of spaceflight that are commemorated but a celebration of the soon-to-be-released “Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens.”

The so-called Season of the Force launches Monday, a temporary makeover of Tomorrowland with no announced end date. While promotional in nature, Season of the Force brings with it some very real changes to classic Disney attractions, including Space Mountain, and also gives much of Tomorrowland a near-singular focus.

FULL COVERAGE: ‘Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens’

“It’s basically as if ‘Star Wars’ took over Tomorrowland,” says Disney Imagineering executive Scott Trowbridge at a media preview Thursday evening.

Space Mountain has a new look — say hello to Hyperspace Mountain — and the Innoventions building, recently a home for products of the future, has been remade into a museum of “Star Wars” paraphernalia and merchandise. Star Tours too has been updated to reflect “The Force Awakens,” with a cameo appearance from the film’s star, John Boyega.

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